Rafael Trujillo World Leader

Birthday October 24, 1891
Birthplace San Cristobal, Dominican Republic
Death Date May 30, 1961 (age 69)
Birth Sign Scorpio


Politician who served as President of the Dominican Republic from 1930-38 and from 1942-1952. Until his 1961 assassination, he retained control of the Dominican government through his manipulation of puppet presidents.

Before Fame

He rose to power through a coup against Dominican leader Horacio Vasquez.


He was involved in the brutal 1960 murder of three sisters -- the Mirabals -- who opposed his regime.

Family Life

His marriages to Aminta Ledesma, Bienvenida Ricardo, and Maria Martinez produced a total of four children. With Lina Lovaton Pittaluga, he had two more children.

Associated With

He had an amiable relationship with Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.


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