Otto von Bismarck Politician

Birthday April 1, 1815
Birthplace Schonhausen, Germany
Death Date Jul 30, 1898 (age 83)
Birth Sign Aries


Chancellor of Germany from 1871 to 1890 who unified most of the German states into one German Empire under Prussian leadership. He was known across the world as the "Iron Chancellor" and he was able to create a balance of power that preserved peace in Europe until 1914.

Before Fame

He was a reckless, eccentric youth who finally had to return home after the death of his mother.


He provoked wars with neighboring Austria and unified the smaller Germanic states to make the country the shape it is today.

Family Life

He married noblewoman Johanna von Puttkamer in July 1847; the couple had three children together.

Associated With

In his youth, he often quoted William Shakespeare.


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