MFK Fisher Chef

Birthday July 3, 1908
Birthplace Michigan
Death Date Jun 22, 1992 (age 83)
Birth Sign Cancer


Remembered for such culinary books as The Physiology of Taste, Consider the Oyster, and The Gastronomical Me, this popular author also published articles in Town and Country and The Atlantic Monthly.

Before Fame

She published her first book, Serve It Forth, in the late 1930s. Another work, Touch and Go, followed two years later.


She created the famous Wine Library in California's Napa Valley.

Family Life

She met her first husband, Alfred Fisher, during her time at Occidental College. Following the death of her second husband, the writer and artist Dillwyn Parrish, she married the prominent publisher Donald Friede, with whom she had a daughter named Kennedy (she had previously given birth to another daughter, Anne, whose father she never revealed).

Associated With

During the 1940s, while working for Paramount Studios in Hollywood, she wrote material for comedian Bob Hope.


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