John Dalton Chemist

Birthday September 6, 1766
Birthplace Eaglesfield, England
Death Date Jul 27, 1844 (age 77)
Birth Sign Virgo


English chemist and physicist who pioneered research in the field of atomic theory. He also studied color blindness and was one of the first to recognize the condition as being hereditary.

Before Fame

His first publication, "Meteorological Observations and Essays" (1793), was greatly influenced by his early study with the Quaker meteorologist, Elihu Robinson.


He suffered from color blindness and researched the condition extensively and, as a result, color blindness is sometimes called "Daltonism," in his honor.

Family Life

He never married or had children, and he lived a modest Quaker lifestyle.

Associated With

After many of Dalton's original man*scripts were lost during World War II, the writer Isaac Asimov remarked that people were not the only war-time casualties.


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